What determine the CRC of assetbundle?

I used AssetBundle for my project, by using AssetBundle.LoadAssetAsync(name).

For this, I used the full path of each asset for name parameter. But I found that the CRC of assetbundle is not changed when I changed the path of each asset in assetbundle. So I’m curious whether the assetbundle has no information for each asset path? It has only relative path? or the CRC has calculated by only using the binary of each assets, not its names (paths)?

Is it redundant that using full-path for AssetBundle.LoadAssetAsync() ?

I found that this occurs only incremental assetbundle build. When I removed old assetbundle before build, the CRC is correctly changed. I think this is bug on unity editor.

Indeed, when you load asset name from a bundle the path is not considered, the manifest of the bundle still shows it, so the CRC of the .manifest probably change, however, the bundle itself doesn’t because the data inside has not changed.