What is Mip Maps (Pictures)

Okay, here is the problem. I am making a game using a texture atlas like this
![alt text][1]

The problem is that when I use it in game, the texture is so blurry and is extremely pix elated![alt text][2]. If I turn off mip maps it looks fine![alt text][3]. So my question is what are mip maps and why put them on if they look so bad. Could I just turn them off?

Update - Sorry pics weren’t working so here is a link to them

Screenshot - 529b36e5fe821001609e1310f059414c - Gyazo
Screenshot - 2aa55f69b7a15ef6bb71941a5807d5c5 - Gyazo
Screenshot - 536f3eba216c341e7f8c01d28a78478b - Gyazo

At a basic level, mipmaps are a series of different sized textures that accompany a main texture. Their existence is in order to help increase the efficiency of a renderer, a bit like an LOD system. That way, if the renderer would struggle with a 2k texture, instead it can attempt to use one of the smaller mipmap versions.

For this reason, your UV’s should always contain a certain amount of colour bleed, as when the compression algorythm takes place, if there is a sharp colour contrast between inside the UV space and outsiode of it, this can make your models look funky.

Theoretically you can turn them off just fine; but make a note of them if your framerate starts to drop, as you might want to return to them.

(This isn’t exactly a very well informed answer, but more of a ‘rough ball-park’ kind of explanation).


Thanks :slight_smile: