What units is used with Rigidbody.mass ?

Hi, when I add a rigidbody component to a object I can edit the mass in the inspector and the mass units are in kilograms (but of course everybody knows that). When I attach a script you can supposibly change the mass in the script with rigidbody.mass . I thought this value is also in kilograms but when I say make the value 800kg the mass of the car in the inspector go’s to about 1e-07. Even if I reduse the value in the script to 0.1 or even smaller and bigger it gives me the same result. So how can edit the mass of the rigidbody with a script, or how do I use this rigidbody.mass properly.

Thank you for your time


Please refer to this scripting reference for the proper use of Rigidbody.mass

If you still have questions, please feel free to post your code so we can help you!

Good luck with your game!

I got it right, it was just a matter of declaring the functions in the right order. But I still don’t know why the reference say to keep the mass under 10. I can understand that it is more stable to keep the masses scaled down more more stable behaviour. I can’t just simply scale everything down, my script relies on about 25 physics formulas.