what would happen if someone used a cracked Unity3D

Hello Everyone

what would happen if he published a game with a Cracked Unity3D

It is not legal, under any circumstances, to use a cracked version of Unity for anything. It is theft. Publishing a game with it would be unethical and immoral and very costly for those involved.

Unity provides a free version - use that. If you can’t use that and continue to use Pro illegally then you are breaking the law and if caught would be fined significantly, even if not publishing.

Moreover, I want people to pay to use Unity, because that’s how they employ people to make the system better for those of us who use it professionally. Unity Free is a very powerful system and can be used to build good games, be thankful that they provide those terms at all. This is not a victimless crime - those of us who pay, the very reasonable cost of Pro, have to wait longer for features or pay more money to support the thieves who are trying to profit from stealing the software.

Downloading a cracked version of Unity is illegal in every country.

There are more than enough countries where circumventing DRM is not illegal. Especially simply downloading such software.
You know, there are more countries out there than the usa.
Also the US copyright and DMCA laws do not apply outside the us. And even they have exceptions (fair use for example)
There are many reasons for that. For example: who says that someone using a product with broken drm didn’t pay for it?
You pay Unity for the license after all, not the drm.

Of course besides the criminal law there are civil rights. Licensing issues are civil right, not criminal acts.
So Unity could demand compensation for their “damages” of you not using a licensed version.
That’s about it in most countries.
So please, don’t spread biased and wrong information (p.s. in many countries you making that statement without actually practicing law is illegal too).