Why the feed stories of my facebook game attempt to open the canvas instead of launch the Android/iOS mobile application?

First at all, sorry for my bad english, I’ll try to be the more specific as possible.

I have a facebook game made with Unity and using Facebook SDK for Unity, that was released to facebook canvas first. After of this, I made the mobile versions for Android and iOS, so I added at Facebook settings, enabled the “Single Sign On” and “Deep Linking” options for both platforms.

And my FB.Feed configuration on code looks like this:

           "Superen mi record de " + ParseUser.CurrentUser["score"].ToString() + " votos en Epidemia Electoral",
           "Epidemia Electoral de SDPnoticias desarrollado por Mixtli",
           "En Epidemia Electoral debes evitar que los enemigos de la democracia ejerzan votos malos",

When someone shares their score on their Facebook wall through the game, and this publication is viewed from the native Facebook application on both Android and iOS, the link is directed to the one specified in the configuration of FB.Feed (ie, the canvas) and opens in the facebook’s in-app browser, instead of launching the application.

I have understood that setting the Deep Linking as you can see above, should suffice for Facebook to launch the application.

I understand that this error occurs in the native facebook application on iOS, as the game is not yet in the AppStore, but still in the Android happens and my game is available in Play Store.

I appreciate the help you can give me, I’m really stuck with this and do not know what to do.

yes the click on the post will take the user to Log into Facebook because this link does not have the necessary meta headers to redirect him to your game on the device (or appstore/playstore).

you need to create a custom webpage with all the redirection headers manually. fortunately, facebook has a not-so-easy-to-find tool for generating free redirection pages here >> Page Not Found - Meta for Developers

yea, just click that link and follow each step. finally it will generate a page for you with all the necessary deeplinks to your app on all the platforms you need. (should be like: Facebook). copy THAT link and past it as your FB.Feed function’s link argument.