2019 with LWRP only renders left eye on Rift

I’m using Unity 2019.2.0a6 and setting it up as LWRP when the project is created. Then I activate XR with Oculus and Open VR. Then when I run it it only is rendering to the left eye. I’ve tried switching out the camera and it doesn’t seem to matter it’s always only the left eye rendering. Is there a setting I’m missing? If I do the same thing in Unity 2018 it works fine.


I found out that if I change the Stereo Rendering Mode from Multi Pass to Single Pass in the Player settings under XR Settings it will render to both eyes.


Is this the official solution? The Oculus Quest best practices guide for unity advises against rendering single pass, however I am having the same issue.

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I don't know. It's what I stuck with.

Same issue here, have you submitted a bug report for it? I strongly advise submitting a bug report and also post the case number here so we can upvote it and track it.

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Still present in 2019.2.2f1

Same issue - 2019.2f1 LWRP Quest - No issues using the standard render pipeline

Same issue here. How do we get someone at Unity or Oculus to take note? LWRP 2019.2.2f1 targeting Oculus Quest.

I don't know if this was different before, but Oculus recommend Single Pass on Quest, so you'd want to stick with that anyway.

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LWRP/URP seems to still be in preview, I would advise against using it until it is properly released and bug-free. They have made it easy enough to convert a built-in renderer project to LWRP/URP anyway!

For what its worth... I got it working, with a small caveat.

Yes, Oculus say to use single-pass, but multi-pass worked well for me and fixed the left-eye issue. I only had a look at the standard LWRP template project scene (the construction site), so take it with a grain of salt in terms of supporting anything else... but it wasn't frame-y and looked like it should! So it's at least possible.

If you take one look at the SRP main repo and see how much is being changed/fixed or broken on a daily/hourly basis, while the Built-in renderer within Unity is generally in a stable working state, I’d wait for an official recommended URP release for VR! Take a look at the repo changes in this screenshot, that’s simply over the course of 2-3 days :open_mouth:

Yeah… it’s cooked. I’m only offering it purely as a ‘full disclosure’ in case anyone is really desperate to give it a go. I think waiting for a proper release is the way to go!

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LWRP has been moved from preview to release as of 2019.1 https://blogs.unity3d.com/2019/04/16/introducing-unity-2019-1/#lwrp

p.s. Yes, I had the same problem, and it was resolved the same way, using Single pass. I don’t know if Single-pass was “Made for Oculus Go” but I assume and hope that it only fails on devices that support Multi-pass.

When using the new XR Management Package with URP, the left Eye problem can be solved by using Multiview right now.


This is quite disappointing after the feeling tat everything was ready to use from this video



So with 2019.2.12f1 and a Rift CV1 (I guess I am outdated?) single pass also fixed the left eye only view.

If you look at the feature comparison between built-in and LWRP, it says multipass is "in research" and thus not supported yet


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Using Multiview on the quest works, but has very harsh jitters, but only when moving XRDevices (hands, hmd), rotating your head is lag-free though. Very strange.

Same today. For Oculus Desktop with URP & XR Management, using Single Pass Instanced rendering solves the issue.

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Brilliant, thanks. It works indeed though at the cost of performance that comes along with Multiview.
Hopefully, we get a 2019.3 with URP all working clean for Mobile VR.