2D animations transitioning too quickly and looping before finishing

So I am trying to make a very simple 2D platformer, my Idle and Running animations are working perfectly fine. However I am having problems with my Jumping/Falling animations.

The way I have it set up is I have a bool for grounded and a float for vSpeed. In the Animator I make a transition from Any State when grounded = false, to a Blend Tree that contains my Jumping and Falling animations, Jumping when vSpeed > .01 and Falling when vSpeed < -.01.

This works, but the problem is that the transition from Any State to the Blend Tree (when grounded = false) seems to fire off constantly over and over again for the entire time my character is in the air. This makes the animations restart before they ever finish, making very a jerky animation.

I mostly took this from the tutorial at


However unlike the example in that tutorial, I am not using a spritesheet, my character is made of separate limbs that I animated in Unity. Also sometimes a warning saying Animator has not been initialized pops up.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Okay, there is an easy fix for this. In the animator window, click on the transition that is transitioning too fast. Now, on the inspector there should be the word “Settings” somewhere. Click on it and next look for the option “Can transition to self” and uncheck that.