AnimFollow active ragdoll is now free to download.

AnimFollow is a script that makes a ragdoll follow an animation.

Any game with this type of technology seems to get a lot of attention e.g. clumsy ninja, gtav or overgrowth. I have read several post saying this is about to hit and that they are understandably eager to be among the pioneers of this technology. Since this technology is still quite rare, even small improvements on canned animations are likely to be a huge advantage in getting the game noticed.
I started developing this system because I was sincerely bugged by shooters where enemies showed no signs of being hit until the final killing shot. So I made this system where it is easy to make the enemy have partial ragdoll effects without dying.

Check out the tutorials on

Free download here.

Best wishes


Looks pretty cool!

Thank you Andrew.

I like that physics ragdoll video

I’d like to see how this plugin act in an arpg game.
make 2 character attack each other with/without sword.

well done, this looks awesome.
but as bbsbot said, a combat scene would be nice, to see what can be done with this asset

This asset is mainly a script (AnimFollow) that makes a ragdoll mimic an animation. It is done with forces and the strength of the forces can be adjusted in realtime. Animfollow is to strong by itself and therefore a RagdollControl script is needed to adjust the strengths to the context and tell the animator what to do when the ragdoll is for example knocked out. Cool fighting is certainly possible but requires a custom fighting controller. You will have to modify or replace the included controller to suit your team´s desires. Here is a small example of what it could look like.


Reminds me of the system used in Overgrowth! Coolio, keep it up!

any news regarding the release of this asset?

this is awesome...its like the same animation system used in Rockstar studios

Thank you for your interest. Yes, I have some news. The first upload failed but it is now available in the asset store I have made some improvements of the performance and the AnimFollow script now executes in about 0.06 ms (depending on model). I have uploaded some tutorials to

I am sorry for the delayed answer, I wanted to answer the question about "when?" with "now".

This Asset is very interesting but I assume it is needed the animated character has to be implemented specific animation clips for working when the character is recovering and standing up from a fall to the ground, for example.

Hello angel_m
There are get up animations included in the package. The animator in the example scene shows how to set them up for the included RagdollControl script. So everything is included to get your character to behave like in the first demo video. If you want something else or if you are not using mecanim some modifications are required to the RagdollControl script. The AnimFollow script is likely to work straight away. You can use your own animator and add the get up states like in the example scene. You may also use your own get up animations if you so desire.
Please ask more questions if you have them.

Hello Kavorka,

I get the following error when the stand up animation is supposed to be played:

Parameter type 'Hash -702002093' does not match.
UnityEngine.Animator:SetBool(Int32, Boolean)

I'm trying to get the example scene to run and I'm not sure what information to get out of the warning as the hashes in the HashesIDs script seem to be fine.

By the way, a very nice project and thanks for that ;)


PS: What I have done:

  • Loaded the example "scene1"
  • Put the DonePlayerAnimator to Animator of EthanMaster
  • Hit play-button
  • Running around -> falling down -> warning

Hello McGravity
Thanks for purchasing AnimFollow. I am very pleased you like the project. I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem. I tried but can not duplicate your problem and none of the other customers have reported any problems. I am not sure why you added the DonePlayerAnimator to EthanMaster, that should not be required. I have had all kinds of errors during the development but I have never seen this. Would you please try to: start a new project, import AnimFollow, double click on scene1, hit play button. I will absolutely do everything I can to help you get past this problem. Tell me why you were compelled to add the animator. Try from fresh without doing anything other than load scene1 and hit play.

Best of luck

do you plan to update the asset with custom scripts over time?

Hello aspire9
I believe that would be a Sisyphean task. I believe the developers want their own unique solution and that it would be a work with no end to do a system that comprises all possible uses of semi-procedural animations. I aim to help and support development of custom solutions. If customer feedback signals that the product is lacking some crucial feature I will update with such a feature. I encourage developers to sell their custom ragdoll controls but I would be very put out if someone sold a copied or modified AnimFollow script.
I plan to support my customers.

thanks for your fast reply.

Nevermind Kavorka :)

the unity version on the machine I used was under 4.3.0. That was basically the problem.

I am glad you worked it out.