Blender, Unity - axis not right

Hello, there are many similar question like this one, but ive already tryed most of the suggestions and they didnt work… I think unity takes my scripts as suggestions rather than commands.

I have a mesh in blender, that has forward +X, up -y, right -z.
I have played around with rotating the mesh in many different ways, and the same problem always occures when its imported into unity: the mesh rotates fine and ill simply rotate by 90 degrees in the directions i need, but the mesh Collider / rigidbody will always want to be in its side facing the wrong direction…

I found a way to rotate the mesh in such a way that the collider/rigidbody are the same in object view, but when i make prefab of it, and instantiate one of these via code, the mesh is wrong. and transforms.forward points in the direction of the model’s left.

I could ofc take into account that the mesh is facing the wrong way etc, and compensate via ninja code, but future meshes might not have the same problem, and then everything will be wrong and much more difficult.

Can anyone please tell me how i should face a mesh in blender, and what to do step by step in unity, to make sure that forward is pointing in the right direction always?
Thanks for any help.

Export from Blender as FBX; on the FBX exporter you can set the x/y/z but the default values are correct for Unity

Have you baked your transform? You can do that by ctrl + A> bake position, rotation, scale. That will tell to whatever reads your model that its default position, rotation and scale are the ones you applied. Press N, in transform panel everything should be (0 ,0, 0).