Body tracking - hands, feet and head not tracking on Iphone 12 Pro

Hello Dev Team,

I never got body tracking to work properly on my Iphone 12 Pro. Especially hands, Feet and Head and not tracking and I have wired rotation glitches.

In the simulation window it all works as intended, but once I build onto my phone my joints get twisted. I have no idea where to start fixing this problem. Please help.


Hello @jmunozarUTech ,

sorry to single you out, but you've helped me in the past. I am a bit frustrated with the lack of support from the Dev Team - especially since this is a paid product.

As I have stated above I have problems with the body tracking. Especially my hands and feet are not recognized. I would really appreciate some help with that.

I created a simple scene with the body tracking template and did nothing else, but add a few cubes to visualize the tracked joints.

Without proper head, hands and feet tracking it is not possible to create like a hat or shoes, since the always feel off.

Help would be much appreciated.

See pictures below:!AhAWmekxZAF5lYZ_noKjp0wAgyHNhw?e=xEjDOE!AhAWmekxZAF5lYZ-IIHXd7DE7qrE4w?e=B9V66J

In Mars we're pretty much feeding you the poses we get from ARKit (via AR Foundation), so it would be interesting to see if the same occurs in an AR Foundation example or even a basic ARKit. But I will look into this.