Can anyone give me an example of how unity browser communication works with .NET MVC and Unity?

I’m constantly referred to this page:

But I’m still relatively new to web development, callbacks, AJAX, POST, etc…

So, I’d like to see an example of how everything ties together to make calls back from Unity to Browser?

For example, if I wanted the browser to detect the unity web player is still there after x amount of seconds, how do I do that without interfering with the web player functionality? Do I have to tie the script to a game object? I don;t want to run an alert every couple of seconds but a background browser/unity communication.

If you are wanting to know about what goes on “behind the scenes” so to say, I would suggest reading up on TCP/IP, as far as GET, POST, etc goes try looking up more on HTTP Methods.

Well it is all in the docs. I would guess you want to have a method in your HTML file written in Javascript for instance (web js). This below goes on your html file :

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
function OpenUnityCom()

Then in any of your scripts, just decide where and when it should be called:

void Start(){
   Application.ExternalCall( "OpenUnityCom");

And this is all about it.