Can I develop an iphone app on UnityPro3d (for windows) and then transport it to Unity (iphone version for mac)?

Alright here's the deal.

I work for a small company that does not want to invest in macs. I want to develop for the iphone on the pc not the mac. I have a mac mini for the final compiling process. The goal is to dev on the pc windows version of Unity, and then transport it over to the Mac mini for the final process. Now, is that possible? and to what extent?

(like do I have to change some values/parameters, set up special controls, set special anything? what are all the foreseeable changes you fine folks forsee? even if you don't know them all mention as many as you can, that would be most helpful. Thank you very much in advance.)

Other than the obvious problems with not testing on the device throughout the dev process (for things like framerate and proper input testing), there is one big scripting issue that needs to be remembered.

The version of mono on Unity iPhone and regular Unity are different. Namely, Unity iPhone doesn't support generics (if you're using C#), doesn't support Boo at all, and requires "strict" unityscript. There are also some additions to the built-in classes since Unity iPhone forked off, so anything that's new as of unity 2.1 or so isn't going to be in Unity iPhone.

Generally it's a poor idea, unless your app is very simple. Anything moderately complex is going to be far more involved than just adding a few lines of input code at the end. Ideally you should do all of the development on Unity iPhone, and one good way to integrate it into your current environment is to run the Mac in a VNC window.