Can I sell my assets in the Unity Asset Store, but at the same time offer them for free elsewhere?

Hello everyone,

I want to know if I can sell my assets in the Unity Assets Store, and at the same time offer them for free on another site (Github for example).

If this is not the case, are there alternatives to fulfill this proposal? Like, for example, offer two identical versions of the same asset, but one of them costs money and the other is a free “DEMO” version?

The only thing I know is that you CAN also SELL your assets outside the Unity Asset Store, and that you can offer free assets and ask for donations.

For the Record.

After contacting Unity’s support service I can highlight two things according to Unity Submission Guidelines:

1. It’s not possible to sell or offer the same asset for free in a different webpage or marketplace:

4.2.a The price you set on the Asset Store should be comparable to your pricing for similar products on other stores and marketplaces.

2. You can upload a free/lite and a paid version of your package in the Unity Asset Store:

1.4.d Submissions do not have any artificial limits implemented on functionality or usability. To familiarize users with your product, you may provide a “lite” (smaller/cheaper/indie/free) version of your package. Lite and free versions do not have limitations implemented on the functionality of your product’s features. Lite packages only have a reduced set of features compared to your full product.