Can I use asset store content in videos?

Lets say I’m creating a game that is massively interactive(many people decide what happens later), and consists of videos You can watch and then decide how the movie continues by voting.

The videos themselves are rendered in-unity but then posted to sites like say YouTube like a series.

The series would be watchable on Youtube without the game installed; in fact the game itself would not be “published” per se, instead I would only publish videos.

Is it a legal way of using the assets from asset store?

The eula doesn’t mention video recordings of the game, only prohibition from distribution in raw form except inside a game.


  1. I would not redistribute the assets.
  2. I would not distribute the game.
  3. I would distribute only the videos recorded in-game.

Is it a legal way of using the assets from asset store?


  1. You may use Unity Asset Store to browse, locate, and download Assets (defined as (i) software or software development kits designed in order to facilitate the development of electronic games and interactive media (ii) content (for example – without limitation – computer graphics, including 3D computer graphics, sounds and music), tutorials and other digital materials created in order to become integrated parts of electronic games).

  2. Licensor grants to the END-USER a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual license to the Asset to integrate Assets only as incorporated and embedded components of electronic games and interactive media and distribute such electronic game and interactive media.

How I see it:

  1. Sounds like computer graphics are available in the store, but
  2. License only covers the incorporation of assets in interactive media.

@LeeJBaxter Looks like I would have to get a separate license from asset creators then.

I don’t think it would be illegal in terms of use of the assets; correct me if I’m wrong, but purchasing an asset on the store grants you permission to use it in commercial games (otherwise there would be no point in buying it), as long as you don’t give your users access to the assets in their raw original form (i.e. redistribution). What you’re doing is essentially recording a video of a game, which most developers would do to promote their games anyway. You’ve also got people who upload “let’s play” videos online (where they play through games whilst commentating). With all that being said, I seriously doubt that what you’re looking to do is illegal. If you really want the safe option, you could always ask the developers of the assets that you’re using.

If it’s free I think you can.