Can't animate custom property

“Carousselasset” is a custom ScriptableObject.

I’m not using any custom inspector or custom propertydrawer here. There isn’t any fancy get or set accessor, it’s juts a good plain old:

public class CarouselRenderer : MonoBehaviour {
	public Transform Reference;
	public float somefloat;
	public Carousel carouselasset;

Even if I press the ‘reccord’ button, I still can’t animate this very property. I have other custom classes in that project not all scriptableobject, and none of them will animate.

I have the same issue.
What I found out so far, if you have a custom class ( Serializable ) it shows up in the inspector, but not in the animator, however if you can do the same as a struct, all the properties are visible, and animatable separately.

Kept on searching, but haven’t found any official documentation why only structs work in the animator.

I find the same problem and hope someone can give a solution for it