Can't open asset from asset store on firefox on linux

I’m unable to open an asset from asset store in unity.
When clicking “Open in Unity” button nothing happens.

  • linux - Fedora 34
  • Firefox 95.0
  • Gnome Shell 40.6

Try installing your Asset via the Package Manager (in Unity’s top menu: Window > Package Manager):


Same thing happens in Ubuntu on Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge browsers.

yah, it works but thats rather workaround. Is there any known fix???

well, nice to know that I’m not alone :wink:
For me, in case of chrome asks me whether it should run xdg-open but nothing happens later

Same here.

It’s actually the primary way ever since they added the package manager and removed the Asset Store window from the editor. It may seem weird at first, but it’s very simple and actually works, so I would think that’s more important to keep you moving rather than waiting for some sort of response on the other method is actually an issue with the OS and not the Unity editor.

Just wanted to say thanks - I couldn't get it working from Chrome or FireFox.

But it was right there in the package manager, under "My Assets".