Canvas is hiding my 3D model, can I place the model in front of the canvas?

So I have a Canvas with several elements on it and a 3D model (robot) which is not part of the canvas.

There is one camera in the scene so far and it is pointing at the robot. So when I run the game, it looks something like this (I have replaced the actual model with Unity objects for now):

The canvas render mode is set to “Screen Space - Overlay”.

Here’s the problem, I am using a panel for the background and its alpha is set to 0 which is why you can see the model in the picture. However, as soon as I add a background, the model disappears and sits behind the canvas like in this picture

So now I am wondering if I should be using a second camera or if there is a way around it.

What do you guys think?

In situations like this I like to use multiple cameras to separate the layers of what we can see.
For this I would use 1 camera for the UI and 1 for the model and controls the background.

Another option is to use a third camera for the background in case you want to add things that can only be seen in the background and can mean you can change the background to what you like without effecting the model or UI.

Use 2 canvases, one for UI (Screen Space - Overlay) 2nd for the background (Screen Space - Camera), and set plane distances for 2nd that you need for good looking.