Change Mecanim animation speed based on Input

Hi! I’ve read that it isn’t possible to change the speed of individual Mechanim animation states in scripting, like you could with the legacy system. I want my walking animation speed to be based on how hard the player pushes the left joystick on the gamepad. In the legacy system, this would be quite easy to achieve, but how should I do it using Mecanim?

Not sure if this has been answered else where so I’ll take a crack at it here. I believe the intended set up is to blend between a slow walk and a quick run using a Blend Tree and a parameter you pass in with Animator.SetFloat().

The process is explained in the MecanimTute where you set up the state machine for a complex character. If you haven’t run through the tutorial, check it out here. It’s pretty much the quintessential Mecanim tutorial until users get more familiar with it and we start seeing new tutorials on Youtube/forums.