Cinemachine doesn't continually update in Edit mode?

Once I’m soloing the virtual camera and make a new change, the view does not move, unless I hit the solo button off/on again. Then, it updates once.
In effect, in edit mode, I can only see virtual camera changes visually by toggling the solo button.
What can cause this? I have an editor script that I run sometimes that caches the virtual cameras into an array on a script for run time, which marks the variable as dirty. Could that be it? Help is very appreciated

A couple weeks ago I found the solution to this. The GameObject with the CinemachineBrain component had the Camera component as a child. That was the issue.
So, to test the camera in Edit mode, I’ll put on a “dummy” Camera component on that parent GameObject. I think perhaps the Update mode needs to be set to Smart Update or Late Update for it to continually update? I forget now.