Create custom mobile keyboard in Unity?

I can’t find anything but diffuse answers about this topic.

Is it possible to make a custom mobile keyboard for android and ios with Unity?
Specifically a keyboard that sends custom emoji/sticker images.
(examples: bitmoji, kimoji, or any sticker-like emoji keyboard).

And is there a way for that keyboard to integrate with an app? For instance send a smiley to your friend on messenger, iMessenger or sms (using the custom keyboard) then your friend tap the smiley and then the smiley opens the app and your firend sees a bigger smiley?
(If your friend also have that app ofc).

The goal is to create an app that gives you this keyboard automatically when you download it. and then the interaction that stated above becomes possible. (Swiftkey keyboard app gives you a keyboad when you download the app as an example).

Thank you for any answers. :slight_smile:

Unity is a game engine, not a keyboard type of thing. It makes completely no sense to do it, because you can not do it, these things are likely to exist already and it would be slow as hell.

You should do these kinds of things using specific programs.