Creating a "daredevil" vision aka SONAR vision ( like The Dark Knight)?

Hello Devs,

I am trying to make my player blind and help him by an echolocation effect. It would be a spherical wave that would transcend from the player’s position. My environment is dark and during each wave it spreads for about ‘n’ units from it’s position to describe the environment. So my end result would be in reference to these pictures. I do really like the tone of the pictures too.


alt text
well, Jennifer Garner is beautiful :slight_smile:


alt text

When the environment is fully described and the player is always under constant motion. The problem added on top of this is that this experience is just temporary. I might also turn it to normal vision if the player achieves certain goals.

Technical Help :

I am not sure as of how to approach and get a solution. The only path that I could think of is to use shader and manipulate what I need. My experience in shader is very limited and hence is my creativity with shaders. I really need some help to start with or how to face the issue.


I did have a custom echo shader and it did not work quite well. It was basically a modified version of this blog Unity (3D) Finite State Machine 2 – No Pity for the Masses


On a visual perspective, it just colored the meshes which wasnot what I wanted for. I also had to manually change the material on all the required meshes which I found not be the right way, as I might completely change this echolocation experience at certain point.

I highly appreciate your help. If the above approach is not viable or if you guys suggest some other approach please let me know.

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Yo! One thing you might look at is Redirect Notice

God that link is obscene. But it’s a game, Devil’s tuning fork. I copied the link from google, that’s why it’s crazy… But it does an incredible job with echolocation. Also from what I know the Daredevil thing is flaming BS. It’s NOT echolocation at all. It looks cool tho XD

Hope that helps!