Creating a Script at runtime, and adding it to an object...

Hi everyone,
I’m using an editorscript to create scripts programmatically (in the editor, not a game). Now, I also am building up a level with this editor script and will need to add the newly created script to a gameobject. Is there any way to do this?
I am well aware that you can still addcomponent with a string by doing something like this:

System.Type t = System.Type.GetType(scriptName);

But the script that I just generated is not in the list of types until I stop the editorscript and run it again. I’m guessing that the types get loaded on compile time, but is there a ways to “refresh” the System.Types during runtime, just like you can do an AssetDatabase.Refresh() at runtime?


In case anyone is wondering, I got around my solution by doing the following (from the link in my comment above. I created a function and added [DidReloadScripts] to the top. That function will be run whenever the scripts are reloaded. For my purposes, that worked.

	public static void addComponentOnReload()
		Debug.Log("Reloading Scripts...");
		GameObject obj = GameObject.Find("LevelController");
		System.Type t = System.Type.GetType("xyz");
		Component c = obj.GetComponent<xyz>();
		if (c == null)
			c = obj.AddComponent(t);
			Debug.Log("Added Component Event_sheet_1 to LevelController...");