Display localizations strings selector on custom script component

I’m trying to apply Unite localization package to my project. All of my current implementations do work, but there is one improvement I’d like to investigate. One of important usages for the translation for me is usage of translations for custom scripts. E.g. I want certain strings to be associated with item script, so I can programmatically obtain this text and show, for example, in item description box in inventory.

For now, I’ve implemented this by direct association by string IDs:

And in script background, I’m simply loading string from referenced table by code


However, there seem to be better way to do so. Here is TMP_Text localization script:

Here I can see field “String reference”, which can reference directly string entry from table. It does seem much more reliable way, than specifying ID directly.

So, my question is - is there way to create same property in editor of custom script?

It does seem LocalizedString type is enough to have such reference. I was confused, because it was not displayed in editor, but it ended up being consequence of compile error =)