everything became pink

hi every one…
I had this error recently:

… so I removed untity 3.4 and installed 2.6 instead… then when it fixed I removed unity 2.6 and I reinstalled 3.4 again… but when I opened the project again… it was like this!!:
alt text
I put my life on this game… is it gone? every assets are in place in project menu! what should I do?

If something in your scene is pink it is the graphics card’s way of telling you it doesn’t know which shader to apply your object. In other words your objects are missing their materials.

Click on a mesh that is pink, and you’ll see the material property will be set to none or missing. You’ll need to remap the materials in your project to your pink objects, or simply drag the textures back onto your objects again (which will automatically create and assign a material to that object.

Are you sure all your materials are still there? I had a similar problem once and it turned out all my materials had just been removed from the game objects

Change “Material” setting of the terrain to “Built in Legacy Diffuse” - that fixed it for me!

i think your game is ok.
if it is showing pink means u have deleted some thing from the project.so it is not getting the reference of the objects so it is displaying pink .
check once if u have deleted anything from the project

Importing an old (2.x project ?) into 3.x editor, things might get corrupted and missing. Most of the time is the missing material you see above.

Try to export assets to packages in 2.x editor and then import them in 3.x, it sometimes helps. From what I aware, there are no universal solution either.

u mean I should make every objects mesh and texture again one by one? it may takes weeks! oops!!! but thnx god they exist in project menu…

I too see the same problem. But the main difference is, I see this only once in the beginning. As soon as I visit any other scene and come back to this scene, I see no problem. Texture/Materials are good as always. In this case, anyone any idea what can be the problem?

I fixed this by going to the file menu Assets > Reimport All

Edit every texture thats in the scene , and press add again it should go back to normal thats what i did when my trees went pink its the same thing .

If anyone else is having this issue (as I was 3 beers and two cups of coffee ago…) … If you have ANY missing materials in 5.0, any at all… If you didn’t put a material on a flee’s toe… It will make the entire build go purple/pink/magenta.

A quick fix is to go to each “object” in the scene and see if it’s blue in the hierarchy. If not, check it.

I removed the SpriteRenderer component and re-added it. After selecting the sprite, objects are no longer pink.

This happened to me. In my case I had NONE of the default shaders in place. Go to EditProject SettingsGraphics and check for the Always Included Shaders list below. I added a snapshot. Make sure you have all of the shaders listed below. Hope this helps you or anyone who is going through this


First make a backup of your project then Delete all folder other than Assets in your project folder then run your project it will take time , then you must have to change platform then make a build and run. It will work 100% sure IA …
Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile: