Experimental Entities 0.50 is Available

Hi everyone! We have just published a new experimental version of Entities and other ECS-based packages that include nearly 1.5 years worth of bug fixes, API cleanups, and performance improvements. If you are just getting started, refer to our installation & setup guide. For those who will be upgrading from Entities 0.17 to Entities 0.50, we have put together an upgrade guide that includes common tips during that process. Additionally, this release is requires the use of Unity 2020 LTS (min. version Unity 2020.3.30).

As a reminder: Experimental releases are not supported or recommended for production, but provide early access for those who want to try out ECS in their projects. This also helps us make progress on development through everyone’s feedback.

What's new
As part of this Entities 0.50 release, the following packages have been tested together with Unity 2020 LTS. For a full list of changes in each package, refer to the changelogs in our documentation (linked below):

We have also updated the following packages, which are automatically included when installing the Entities package:

Many of the changes and fixes in this release were a direct result of feedback we received from the forum and from reported bugs. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make these issues known to our teams and for your feedback!

Notable Highlights


Entity Authoring

  • The Entity Debugger window has been replaced with several new windows that are now more embedded within the Editor:

  • Entities, Components, and Systems windows to search, select, and inspect via the Inspector

  • A Hierarchy window that shows the full Entities hierarchy and allows for selection of entities

  • Archetypes window to show all current archetypes and details for each

  • Two new Profiler modules to profile ECS structural changes and memory:

  • Entities Structural Changes profiler module can record which world/system produced a structural change, and how much time it cost per frame

  • Entities Memory profiler module can record which world/system allocates memory chunks, with additional details per archetype

  • Entities Journaling to record and explore ECS events, using static APIs and the IDE Watch window, and understand data lifecycles and debug your game

  • Note: The com.unity.dots.editor package has been merged with com.unity.entities

System and Entities API Improvements

  • A new simplified SystemBase type that allows for implicit job scheduling and the ability to schedule jobs to run both sequentially and in parallel
  • Entities.WithFilter(NativeArray<Entity> entities) allows filtering Entities.ForEach so that it only iterates over a set of entities
  • New IJobEntity job interface, for implementing re-usable and burstable jobs that iterate over entities
  • The list of chunks matching an EntityQuery is now automatically cached internally, significantly improving the performance of most EntityQuery operations between structural changes (especially in titles with high empty archetype counts)

Improved Debugging

  • Visibility into the generated C# code for inspection and debugging
  • The most commonly-used Entities types now have debugger type proxies, significantly improving the ease of inspecting their state during in-IDE debugging sessions
  • More debug functionality is available in standalone builds, including debug checks and per-Entity debug names

Netcode Updates

  • Physics can be predicted, making it possible to build games where players are directly interacting with and affecting physics objects in the world.
  • Ghosts can switch between being interpolated and predicted at runtime. This allows a client to dynamically predict everything that is close or important without paying the cost of predicting everything.
  • Improved support for streaming sub-scenes and loading prefabs on demand across various client-server configurations.
  • Commands can be sent without explicitly setting the command target on the connection, enabling a client to control multiple ghosts. This also enables changing which ghost a client is controlling at runtime - for example when entering a vehicle.
  • The code-gen has changed to source-generators, making them more robust and less likely to go out of sync.

Rendering Updates

  • Hybrid Renderer V2 (HRV2) is now the default option and replaces Hybrid Renderer V1 (HRV1), which has been removed. This ensures users are now supported with a GPU-persistent data model, removing the main thread bottleneck of HRV1, and improving render thread performance.
  • HRV2 also has a broader compatibility with a range of shaders, and equips users with previously missing HDRP and URP features.

Unity Physics and Havok Updates

  • Collision and trigger events now share a common interface, and simulation systems have been refactored to allow multiple physics worlds.
  • Integration between Unity Physics and the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) has been improved, with new shaders in the sampler, and URP compliant materials.

Sharing feedback
As mentioned earlier, a lot of the changes in this experimental release are a direct result of shared feedback. This forum is the best place to open discussions and ask questions. If you encounter a bug, please use the Unity Bug Reporter in the Unity Editor, accessible via Help > Report a Bug. Include the name of the package (with version number) in the title to help our team triage things appropriately!

Looking ahead
To learn more about what we are working on, you can refer to this post where we share information regarding our DOTS roadmap.

Thank you again to everyone who has continued to take the time to share feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!


When can we expect update of animation package?


Should we expect any 0.50 samples?


I just wanted to say, that when you click on the more Eitites packages some redirect you to the .60 versions

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Woo! A long time coming, glad to have some new air in the DOTS sails!


We have definitely been waiting for this!


Thanks for your job, guys! Will try it soon :)


I just wanted to say, that when you click on the more Eitites packages some redirect you to the .60 versions

Hi! When you click where exactly?

https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.rendering.hybrid@latest redirect to

and more ...
+ More Entities packages
on page Manual
Entities overview | Entities | 0.50.0-preview.24

@InnovativeName and @BelkinAlex , looks like a bug with the URL links, we’ll fix those as soon as we can.


Your documentation here states that you require Mathematics 1.2.6 but no such package is released, and it actually seems to download 1.2.5 so I assume that's the actual required package

We’re in the process of updating existing samples to this 0.50 release and will share back when these are available.


Yes, Mathematics 1.2.5 is the correct version and we’ve got a documentation update lined up to fix this. The key is, downloading Entities 0.50 will automatically download the compatible version of Mathematics for you.


The documentation is a wee bit lacking in specifics regarding version requirements. Here's some info in case anyone else gets stuck on this.

I was running Unity 2020.3.19f (which I assumed matched the specified required 2020 LTS) but was greeted by a bunch of errors about missing APIs. They were resolved when I upgraded to 2020.3.30f.

Here's a screenshot of a sample of the errors:

Edit: I just realized the top post in this thread actually specifies the required version. I was purely following the installation guide here which only specified 2020 LTS

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Yes, this requires Unity 2020.3.30. We’ll update our documentation to make this clear.


Is it compatible with Unity 2021 now or should we stick with 2020?

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Entities 0.50 release is only compatible with 2020 LTS. We’re preparing a minor update (Entities 0.51) to reach compatibility with 2021 LTS. You can read more about that in this post .


Found a couple of regressions so far.

First, this syntax is now broken:

SetComponent(targetEntity, GetComponent<Translation>(sourceEntity));

Second, ExclusiveEntityTransaction is completely broken. It seems that nearly all EntityManager methods call AssertMainThread() which prevents EET from being used in those contexts. Is this just not supported anymore?

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After Entities 1.0, no specific details to share beyond that.

Got huge pile of errors after upgrading. Reported this as a bug.
Also entities are not rendering (but they do work otherwise) in build after importing my plugin to a new project. They do render on the editor
Reported this as well(not sure if its related to 0.50.0 but quite sure the same issue is still there).