Frustrating problem with UI canvas (lines of canvas flicker around the edges of screen in game!!!)

Hello everyone, i am making the simple typical 2d game (walking towards right also unity version 5.4) for practice.I had some movement going on,on my player so i decided to put some objects to get score.After i added the canvas all kinds of problems started.

soooo, as you can see, around the edges of the game, the white lines of the canvas appear in-game and when running the game they flicker.On the right side on the setting i have the match width/height at 0 to magnify it so everyone can see it if i slide it all the way to 1 the problem stays only on the left/right edge, top/bottom are fine.
I also tried make the canvas screen space overlay but as the game runs the canvas or the ui element of it are also moving faster than the camera.

In this particular on the canvas is parented to the camera.
Here is also the script i use to move the camera:
` public float speed=2f;
public bool ChooseSideToMove=true; //true for right false for left
void Update () {
transform.Translate(Vector3.left * speedTime.deltaTime);
transform.Translate(Vector3.right * speed
So i either see flickering lines or the canvas tends to move faster than the camera.
I realy hope someone has an idea what might seem to be the problem.

oh god 2 days i hit my head on the wall to find the answer and as soon as i make a post i randomly see i had gizmos turnen on >.<…

Hahahahaha… Thanks For The Question and Answer. I had a same problem, Thank you once again.
And I feel pitty for your head. Lolz!

Thank you, had me confused too until I read this :slight_smile:

damn gizmos lol, thanks!

Thank you . Lol