Game not working after build!,my game working in unity editor but not after build

my game is working in editor but when i played game after build it shows "game crashed"and automatically makes a file with the name of the error which is (date)-12002. it shows unity animation with cube icon but at the time of a scene the game crashed

![alt text][1]

Good day.

I had similar issues with two of my projects.

In the first one, the problem was that i was trying to execute a method that can only be executed in the Editor (Nav Mesh Area Baking).

In the second one, i realized that all Starts() methods was not executing in the same order in the Editor and in the build project, so some of the variables was not defined correctly whan running the .exe but they was perfect defined in the editor. I had to move some code to a Awake() method to be sure they was executing in the correct order.

Check if is some of these things.

Bye :D !