Having a plane at exactly the far clip of a camera

I’m trying to position a plane/cube so that it is always at about the far clip of a camera, and always parallel to the farclip and exactly covering the size of the far clip to cover the entire “back background” of the camera.

I’ve tried varying combinations of .LookAt and setting planeTransform.forward = camTransform.forward and such, but for some reason, the plane/cube always “warps” when the camera turns, and then I can see the edges.

It seems the constraints of:

  • position @ far clip
  • size of the far clip plane
  • orientation parallels to the far clip (based on camTransform.forward?)

Are do-able, but I can’t seem to get it just right. :frowning: Please help!

Have you considered using 2DTextures instead of using a 3D plane?
If you render a texture onto the screen (exactly the size of the screen), and ensure the depth is below your main camera it will be rendered behind everything else.