How do I name cloned objects inside a for-loop?

So I’m new C# (or any programming, for that matter) and I’m stuck. I’ve written a script that generates a 4x4 tile game board that uses a tile prefab I made. All that’s working fine, and I even started playing around with the array I’ll need, but I can’t seem to figure out how to give each of the clones unique names, like tile00, tile01, tile02, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ll attach my code as a reference, feel free to point out any mistakes.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class instantiateBoard : MonoBehaviour

public GameObject tile = null;
public float rowPosition = 1.5f;
public float colPosition = -1.5f;
public int count = 1;
public float[,] gameBoard = new float[4,4]; //New to arrays so I'm practicing generating values inside a for-loop
public int rowCount = 0;
public int colCount = 0;

void Start () 
	for (int count2 = 1; count2 < 5; count2++)
		for (int count = 1; count <5; count++)
			tile = Instantiate(Resources.Load("Prefabs/Cube"), new Vector3(colPosition,0,rowPosition), Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;
			name = ("tile" + rowCount + colCount);
			gameBoard[rowCount,colCount] = (rowPosition + colPosition);
			colPosition = (colPosition + 1f);
			colCount = (colCount + 1);
		colPosition = -1.5f;
		rowPosition = (rowPosition - 1f);
		colCount = 0;

} = “tile” + rowCount + colCount;

You used name instead of That only renamed the Game Object the script is attached to.