How to access persistent data path in Android phone?

I am working on porting my Unity windows application to Android and have been trying to figure out how to re-implement the external config-file reading process on a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I have read that Unity has the Application.persistentDataPath function that returns a safe path for the Android application to perform file IO. On the Galaxy Tab, it returns “data/data/com.MyDemo/files”. I have been trying to copy a simple text config file from windows to that persistent data path on the Android device directly via USB but no matter what I do, I simply could not find the directory anywhere, either in both windows explorer or on the device file manager itself.

This is really baffling to me. How on earth can I “install” basic config files if I cannot even access the data folder manually? Is there anyway to do this?

Application.persistentDataPath have two paths base on your Write Access setting, you can find it at Build Setting > Player Setting > Other Settings, by default, it is internal Only. means that the path should be point to /data/data/com.your.appid/files which is for development only, user cannot find this files without root android device.

if you set the Write Access as External(SD Card) or add WRITE_ EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission into AndroidManifest.xml, Application.persistentDataPath will point to Android/file/com.your.appid/files of your sd card.

You need to change the build settings for android. change configuration > write access to external (sd card).

Is there any option to make the files accessible within internal storage rather than external sd card?? @Calvin2274