How to activate SteamVR controller hints

In our VR game I am trying to instruct the user on how to teleport, grab objects etc using the built in controller hints in SteamVR 2.0. There is a script called ControllerHintsExample.cs in the SteamVR package for Unity, however the only example it gives is how to cycle through all hints, not how to trigger a specific hint.

After searching the sparse documentation and other posts on the matter, this is what I have so far:

public SteamVR_Action_Boolean teleportAction;

public void ShowTriggerHint()
        ControllerButtonHints.ShowButtonHint(this, teleportAction); //todo: assess

However this isn’t working and I’ve reached a dead end. As I understand it, if I can trigger this correctly then the button that activates teleport will flash on the controller in VR. Any help on how to achieve this will be very much appreciated.

Upgrade the SteamVR plugin version in the asset store.
Delete the SteamVR folder, delete all folders inside SteamVR_Input except ActionSetClasses, and regenerate the actions in the SteamVR Input window.

I believe this problem occurs when they are mismatches between the steamVR software and the SteamVR plugin.

For the software update SteamVR 1.3.22 and SteamVR Plugin 2.2.0 the [SteamVR_DefaultAction(“XXXXX”)] does not exist. Instead use this:

public SteamVR_Action_Boolean teleportAction = SteamVR_Input.GetAction<SteamVR_Action_Boolean>("Teleport");

public void ShowTriggerHint(Hand hand)
    ControllerButtonHints.ShowButtonHint(hand, teleportAction);