How to bake a point light?

I have a point light illuminating a sprite:

However, no matter whether I select “Realtime” or “Baked” or enable GI Baking it doesn’t seem to affect the number of tris/verts/batches/etc. However, if I disable the light, the batches drops to 3, the tris and verts are reduced by 2 and 4 respectively (presumably because there is only one quad in the range of the light).
I thought baked lighting would be precomputed before the game starts so that it didn’t eat up extra resources at runtime.

How can I even tell that baked lighting is working? Right now “Baked” seems indistinguishable from “Realtime”

“Baked” lighting is only on ‘Static’ objects / lighting.

The object that it’s illuminating needs to be static, and the light need to be static as well.

IF it’s not static, Unity assumes it’s going to be moved around, and won’t bake the lighting, so it’ll use runtime(real time).