How to Have GUI Icons move based on speed along an action bar using built in unity functions?

Hello, I’m currently trying to make a turn based rpg, mainly from scratch using unity and I am stuck with one of the most integral parts of the battle system being having the icons move correctly. I am fairly new to coding in c# and this is my first game and I see tutorials on progress bars and action bars all the time, but not how to use the bar as a scale for icons to move along and how to move these icons along using unity’s built in local scale and transformation. In the image below taken from a game called Crystal story 2 made by Emmanuel Salva Cruz the icons move up the bar an stop once the reach the top indicating that players turn. They move based on speed. I am trying to replicate this for my game as many of the features planned on dependent upon the bar working exactly as it does here. How do I go about doing this? Do I use the Local scale or Local position? If anyone answers this or makes a tutorial on this it would be a great help to the development on this game.

I simply want to know how to go about doing it.

Thanks in Advance.

@uranus10 [|102255]

Essentially, you can use sliders to your benefit here. You just have to check their interactable checkbox to false, and create a script which will update them with a correct value. You can do that from an already existing script, of course. In a project I attached, you should take notice of SpeedIconSlider.cs script, which has speed and maxTime. For your project, I guess player and every enemy should define their own speed, but maxTime should be defined globally, for that is the time when they can do their actions.