How to make driving simulator environment in unity?

I’m very basic to unity. I want to make driving simulator that can be controlled by real hardware and the hard part for me is to make driving simulator environment consisting roads like in

this pic

Please share your experience and knowledge making this road with required assest.
Thanks in advance

If you look in the asset store, Unity has a pack called “Standard Assets”. In there, among many other things, is a driving simulator. Your question is a bit vague, so I’d just recommend looking at the sample project Unity Technologies provides for free.

If you want to know how to physically build the roads, you’ll need to model them in a 3d modeling software, or download them online.

You have to create the roads through your 3d modeling software ex. blender(which is free to use, there are many tutorials on Youtube on how to use it), if you don’t have any modeling experience I would recommend trying to shape your Unity terrain maybe for a start. Add a new terrain ad experiment with the different brushes as shown below. And for further reference you can consult the manual. Unity - Manual: Terrain