how to make the game lighter on the computer

hi , as the title said , what the ways that makes the game lighter , i mean making the game using less processes , thanks

  • In Unity Pro use the Profiler to determine heavy operations.

  • Overall don't use more effects than you need, where certain post processes are quite heavy.

  • Set dynamic shadow distances and resolution to a setting where optimization meet quality - shadows are quite expensive.

  • Bake lighting and shadows onto textures instead of doing otherwise static operations each frame.

  • Avoid heavy operations in Update and FixedUpdate, such as finding objects, heavy algorithms and for-loops.

  • Avoid heavy shaders, especially on several objects in the same scene.

  • Avoid updating textures to often, this regards SetPixels and having several rendertextures in one scene.

  • Use the smallest acceptable resolution for textures where optimization meets quality.

  • Keep more complex meshes around 1500-4000 triangles.

  • Reuse as much content as possible.

  • Use Static batching for objects that doesn't move.

  • Only use Deferred Renderer if you need those particular special features.

  • Use shared materials.

  • Combine meshes.

  • Compress your content, where textures and meshes makes a difference at RAM usage.

  • Construct your levels clever where you can cull content that isn't needed (using Umbra or your own technique).

  • Don't use to many physic objects in one scene.

  • Cache components in scripting and reference to the cached instance.

  • Never move a static collider over time.

  • Keep dynamically created objects to a minimum, for instance remove instantiated debris over time.

  • Animate heavy operations instead of scripting them. Keep in mind that you can still call functions from animations.

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