How to render at half resolution?

Does unity support rendering at a different resolution to the screen or window resolution?
eg: Having a window resolution of 1280x720 and rendering 50% of that (640x360) then up-scaling it back to 1280x720.

Ive tried achieving this with a render texture and drawing it to the GUI but am still learning about them and was just wondering if there was a more direct approach.


  • Matt

Unity has no specific support for rendering at a different resolution than the screen size, so your solution with using a render textures is the way to go most likely. One problem there is that render textures has a resolution in the power of two by default and you must make the render texture from script to have the specific resolution you want (as described in the script reference here).

This thread is old, but the correct answer is Screen.SetResolution

not sure if the API existed back in 2014 when the original accepted answer was written.

A good idea is to use it with Screen.currentResolution.width and Screen.currentResolution.height

private void Awake()
        float fraction = 0.5f; // Render at half the resolution of current screen
        Screen.SetResolution( ( int ) (Screen.currentResolution.width * fraction), ( int ) (Screen.currentResolution.height * fraction), true, 60);

To reduce, simply change the value of the “fraction” variable.
Even 0.8f for fraction gives a pretty good performance rise in most cases, especially if your device is fill rate bound like most low end mobile devices.