How to simulate/display 2D pixelated graphics?

Is it possible to render say a 320x240 window at 640x480 and just double up the pixels? I'm going for a retro feel; In flash I just render everything to a Bitmap object and scale it up; was thinking it might be possible to somehow "render" to a Texture/Mesh (still learning unity sorry) and then just scale that up...

I did find this: but it's only for Unity pro

This is just for a 2D platformer (Think Sonic 1 :-p, but not... heh)

Thanks, Chris

Any texture that you want to look like that, just use Point filtering. I don't have Unity Pro, so don't have experience with Render Textures, but I assume that would work. What is the exact effect, here? You want to use 3D models, but have their edges sampled at a frequency much lower than what the screen resolution offers?

Here’s a short Youtube video that covers exactly how to get a pixelated look: How to Get a Pixelated Look | Unity Tutorial - YouTube

pixelated cube

No, Unity doesn't work like that, sorry. You have to manually create all the textures at a low resolution if you're going for a pixelated effect.