How to slow down and finally stop an object subjected to AddForce?PLEASE help!!!!


Increase the Drag value in the Rigidbody Component of the GameObject66438-screenshot-6.jpg

hey @harshit sharma
I needed to get this thing in past what you’re trying to achieve right now. I did it like this.
You need to increase a drag of rigid body in order to slow it down and finally stop it. so Call a coroutine right after you add force to rigid body.

Here is some code:

	void ForceToRigidBody(){

	IEnumerator AddDrag(){

		float current_drag = 0;

		while(current_drag < maxDrag){
			current_drag += Time.deltaTime * mul;
			rb.drag = current_drag;
			yield return null;

		rb.velocity =;
		rb.angularVelocity =;
		rb.drag = 0;

Tweak these values of maximum drag and multiplayer as you see fit.