I can't get my car move forward with the given scripts.

Dear Unity users,

I am having problems in the scripts I got from GitHub made by EthanReid (Link: GitHub - EthanReid/unity-scripts: scripts that will be useful for unity 3d games) . I tried to apply the scripts onto my car just for it to not drive forward. The wheels do rotate but only in a fixed position. I tried several ways to make the car move but the car’s driving was so messed up. I used the Wheel script because it is a required component of the CarController script. The WheelSkid script from the UnitySkidmarks library in GitHub provides a WheelCollider but I can’t make use of it because the CarController relies on the Wheel script which has more technical variables than a WheelCollider. Is there anything wrong with the scripts I used from GitHub or is this just a mistake I made on my end? Also, this is how I setup the car GameObject in Unity with the given scripts.

Dang these nights, I founded out that I just need to tweak the scripts. Sorry for bothering you guy.