i have a fps sniper game and it runs slow on the tablet

i have a sniper fps game it will slow in the tablet but not in mobile please give me some suggestion

For mobile, there are several reasons why you may have low FPS, I will touch on a couple.

The first thing to do is to profile your game on device in order to understand where your actual bottleneck is so you can focus on the biggest problems first. You can learn all you need to know about the profiler here. Once you profile and understand your issue, there will be a lot more specific information out there as to how to fix those problems, Google is your friend. Without knowing your actual issue, here are a couple of common mobile problems I have ran into over the years, as well as some information on how to solve those issues.

Go into your game, hit play, then in the upper right of the game window hit the stats tab, and take a look at your set pass calls. The lower the better for mobile, and for lower end hardware you want to try to keep this below 100 in most instances. The first thing you can try to do to lower them is remove any extra realtime lights you may have, as lighting performance is not great on mobile. Another technique to lower set pass calls is to look into batching. Dynamic batching, static batching, and products like MeshBaker are all good solutions to this problem. Other methods to lower set pass calls is to take advantage of occlusion culling if possible, atlas textures (especially for UI), and bake lightmaps where possible. Here are some tips straight from the Unity docs on how to optimize graphics for performance.

Another issue on mobile that often times causes FPS and hitches in gameplay is garbage collection (GC). If this is your issue, a good way to avoid unnecessary GC calls from instantiating/destroying objects is to use object pooling.

There are TONS of great resources out there on how to improve performance on mobile, such as this, this, and this. Profile your game, find the bottleneck, and search for a solution. At that point if you still cannot find one, come on back to UA and ask another question. If you want to be a developer you will need to know how to problem solve with nothing more than you, your computer, and the entire internet. Consider this a challenge :slight_smile: