What am I doing wrong? Mobile dev, low fps.


I’ve been developing this game of mine for 6 months now, and I got to the point where I can’t do anything but ask for help.

For some reason the fps drops drastically on mobile platforms.

Here are some informations:
Draw calls: 40-70
(saved by batching: 40-80)
Tris: 10-20k
Used textures: 5
Animations: 28

No shadows
Vertex lit materials, only single color objects.
overall materials on screen at once: ~50
In the editor I get around 120 fps on a core i7 2.3ghz
On andoid however this drops to 30 fps. I can’t find a way to improve the performance anymore, I tried lowering the number of objects on screen. (this game is kind of like an endless runner, so the map is generated randomly - can’t batch the lighting)

I have a big point light on the upper left corner which acts kind of like a sun. (I know, point lights are a bit expensive, but even when I use Directional light the fps doesn’t increase)

Main thread: 8ms, Renderer: 0.8ms

Thank you for your answers.

There is a default limit of 30 fps on mobile devices. You can increase the limit by setting Application.targetFrameRate. VSync can also play a role on some platforms:


Looks like I found the point where it begins to lag. Do NOT use the GUI draw calls… at all… Even if I print out a SINGLE line the FPS drops by 20.