Ideas to make the scene darker.


I’m currently working on lights, to discover things I can do with it.
I’m trying to reproduce the effect of the Night Time in the game Don’t Starve :
alt text

I kinda want to shroud the whole map with a dark veil, the player itself is a source of light, so to discover the area he needs to get close to objects.
I already tried to make a directional black light, and it works well … but the problem is that it makes the scene editing quite hard, because I don’t see anything haha.

I don’t know if I got the right idea, or if there is other ways to reproduce this kind of Light effect.

Thanks a lot !

A black directional light is a bit of an odd approach. Provided your ambient light color is set to black (in Window > Rendering > Light Settings), you should be able to get darkness easily. In order to “see in the dark” for editing purposes, use the lights toggle in the scene view toolbar to disable lighting. 143003-light.jpg

If you’re looking for another approach entirely, you could light your scene in order to make it not black, and then color correct darker using post processing. This is how they film night scenes in TV/Film.

It requires a setup with multiple cameras to create that “can’t see in the distance effect”, it’s confusing at first but starts to make sense.

I haven’t watched this, but I think this should get you in the right direction: