IFC file does not appear in Unity scene

Hi guys, for thesis purposes I want to import an IFC file that I created in Civil3D into Unity. However, when I import this asset it is visible as a preview in the assets folder but after dragging it into the Unity scene it does not appear. I used the IFC importer from the Unity Store, and it works for the demo file that is provided by Unity as well as for another file that I downloaded from the internet (see image). Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Your help would be much appreciated!


Not having used the IFC importer, I can tell from the Unity Hierarchy that the imported model is only showing two proxy objects, which is next to nothing. Could be a simple volume in the origin.

Always review any received IFC file first into a dedicated IFC Viewer, such as BIMcollab Zoom, Solibri Anywhere or BIMvision (there are countless others). Also check if the objects are “close to world center” or “far, far away” (possible kilometers/miles from the origin). This often messes up any 3D viewer.

Next ensure that you look at possible error messages in the importer. Other than that, it’s hard to tell…