In Editor Colors aren't Updating

So I am building a color reference script. Basically the script keeps a enum for different colors. An example is the enum is BACKGROUND. I have a editor window that updates the color of BACKGROUND, it then causes all the scripts to run and update their color. This script is attached to an object that has an image. When the update occurs, it reads the new color and sets image.color. In the Debugger this happens and I can step through and the color changes. If I remove my break points the color doesn’t change.
After more testing I found that I believe it has something to do is activating Unity. I can get the same result (it working) IF I change to a different application and come back to Unity (which is what is occurring when using the VS). It updates the colors as expected.
So is there a call that will cause Unity to refresh its display and update the colors?
I am setting the GameObject and Image dirty. (Didn’t help).
Thanks for any advice!
BTW (Unity2022, latest release, Windows 10)