Instantiate gameobject in random point around a sphere

i want help to create a script that instantiates gameobjects around a sphere!!
please help and give me advices

Try declaring three empty float variables, (each for x, y, and z) randomize each of them, and ram them all into the Instantiate method.

    public float ranX;
	public float ranY;
	public float ranZ;

	public float sqrRadius;

	public GameObject objectToInstantiate;

And now the Randomization plus the Instantiation.

        ranX = Random.Range (-sqrRadius, sqrRadius);
		ranY = Random.Range (-sqrRadius, sqrRadius);
		ranZ = Random.Range (-sqrRadius, sqrRadius);

		Instantiate (objectToInstantiate, new Vector3 (ranX, ranY, ranZ), Quaternion.identity);