iOS 17: crashing or hanging application when using Bluetooth with Microphone.Start

Hi all,

We’ve recently been made aware of an issue regarding iOS17 apps and the use of Bluetooth-connected audio devices.

Applications that run on iOS17 may crash or hang when the applications attempt to use Microphone.Start. This does not happen on iOS16 from our reports. This occurs when the application has “Prepare iOS for Recording” player setting disabled.

It appears you can work around the issue by making sure to check "Prepare iOS For Recording".

We are still working on fully understanding how to fix the issue and the full scope of the problem, but this is a reasonable workaround for now.

Fix and timeframes
We’re working on this as a priority but for now cannot provide a specific timeframe.

Suggested next steps
Please use the suggested workaround for now for iOS17 users if your application is time-critical - test your application to ensure there are no adverse effects from using the workaround.

You can track the public issue here and plan for when to move off the workaround:

- Kal

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Pressing the corresponding function will make the sound smaller (coming from the handset).
If you call the IOS function to force it to change to the speaker, the background music (music player) will stop.
Hope this is fixed.