Is it possible to drag an image from the project window onto a canvas and auto create a UI Image?

I actually have multiple images that I want to use the same packing tag for and I need to create UI Images from all of them.

I went with the following work around:

Selected all the images I wanted to use and held ALT and dragged them from the project view into the hierarchy. This created a group of Sprite objects with SpriteRenderer components attached and then I made them a parent of “sprite-objects” game object.

I then used the following code:

//Convert Sprites to UI Images
SpriteRenderer[] sprites = GameObject.Find("sprite-objects").GetComponentsInChildren<SpriteRenderer>();
           foreach (SpriteRenderer rend in sprites)
                var sprite = rend.sprite;
                rend.gameObject.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = sprite;

Hit play and then all the sprites will be changed into UI Images types.
Then simply select all the new image objects and “Copy” Cntrl-C or Right Click Copy.
Then Stop playing the scene.

Then paste and bingo you have all your objects as Images ready to interact with.