Is it possible to FindWithTag only within children of a certain gameObject?

In my game, certain objects my player interacts with have 4 empty spheres around them (all children of the object), which I've tagged as "Zone"s. Because there are many of these objects, it seems as I can't use FindGameObjectsWithTag to find an instance's 'Zones', because it will return ALL objects instances' zones. So I ask, is it possible to use this method within an instance of an object?

Returning all children of the object by looping through them is not a possible solution, as it has many other children with different tags.

No, you can't do what you're asking directly, but I don't see why looping is a problem.

foreach (Transform child in parentTransform) if (child.CompareTag("Zone")) {} 
// Put whatever you want in the brackets.

Why is that not appropriate?