Is there any site which has a lot of free assets for Unity to be downloaded ?

Hi everyone,

I'm lacking a lot of artwork for my project because I can't draw at all. Extra assets aside from the ones in the Resources section are welcome too. Anyone can help me with this problem ?

Thank you very much !

There are plenty of sites to download free assets…
And you should also check these 54+ websites for free assets Free unity assets

Try to take a look at this answer:

Note that not all of them are free.

Here's a great list too

These guys seem to have some items for free as well. text

You can get a heck of a lot of good and free models all compatible with unity 3d here It has over 25 000 free models like transport(cars),indoor furniture,street stuff,plenty structures like bridges,buildings,people,chairs,doors... Well you get the point:P I am sure 25 000 is good to get you started.:) The site is:

My own 3D Models for Free Productions!

Here It Is

Take a look at It has lots of things but you need to select the 3DS files (there is an option for this) as Unity will work with them. You need to sign up to download but they do not spam you.


Hi, I have a lot of assets and I’m made few free! :wink: register and download, video on yt:
- YouTube

I created this page - it has a curated and categorised list of over 150 free unity assets.

flaticon has good ones, but this is a must give credit sort of free icons

link textGo to this site and get everything you need