Layout Group Alignment help

I am trying to make a Vertical Layout Group align at the top of the container and expand down with each additional layer added (or made visible.) But I cannot get the elements to align in any position other than the middle and expanding with growth. See the attached image. Maybe it will help explain my pain.

fig 1 is the look i want when all three items are active.
fig 2 is how it looks with two active. There is no ability to fix spacing regardless of quantity?
fig 3 is how I wish it would work. As they become visible they evenly distribute vertically.

An acceptable solution would be a fixed spacing value that was the same regardless of elements present.

Thanks for any help with this. I’m having the same issue with Horizontal groups. And Grid Layouts I have not gotten to scale with screen size yet. Sort of cryptic for me at this point.

Solved it this way. Nested the orginal layout group within another layout group with a content size fitter and then changed that parents Y pivot. Not really super clear how this all works in the docs, at least for my artist brain. :slight_smile: See the image for clarity.